Cooperation with a medical institution

Areas of practice
  • ●Cosmetic dermatology

  • ●Medical hair removal

  • ●Pediatrics
  • ●Hair growth
  • ●Gastrointestinal medicine

Studying beauty and health from a physiological perspective, Hiki Clinic entered a business tie-up with MRL in 2002. Clinic Director Masato Hiki M.D., Ph.D. takes an unprecedented approach to research, by seeking drug discovery through his daily practice as a general clinician. The developer of "Mediplorer," an internationally patented CO2 gel mask, and "Medicinal Hibin," Japan's first hair growth agent designed to block hair loss factors, Dr. Hiki creates wide-ranging products, services and businesses in cooperation with MRL. He is also the advisor to health and beauty care studio "Dr. Medion" and to MRL's Clinician Support Business. Dr. Hiki also practices as a clinician in internal medicine and pediatrics.


These are the books written by Masato Hiki M.D., Ph.D. the developer of CO2 mask (CO2 gel), who has come up with a number of unique theories and produced many substantial results in such anti-aging fields as cosmetic dermatology and hair growth.

Tansan Bihada jutu(CO2 Beauty Skin Treatment)

Published by Gentosha Media Consulting The author is the developer of CO2 mask, a beauty treatment that is drawing increasing attention in the field of anti-aging. He introduces readers to a new theory of skin rejuvenation by harnessing the properties of CO2. According to the book, the key to improving all types of aging-related skin problems–blotches, wrinkles, adult acne, atopic dermatitis, the sagging of facial skin–is CO2. The book describes, in an easy-to-understand way, how CO2 functions to improve skin condition. The author also enlightens readers on how to apply his theory to daily routine, and what other beauty treatments can have a synergetic effect on the skin when combined with CO2 mask.


Mitokondoria Furoujutu (Prevent Aging through Mitochondria )

Published by Gentosha Media Consulting The key to delaying the aging process lies in “Strengthened mitochondria”! This book describes in an easy-to-understand style the ultimate anti-aging method that Masato Hiki M.D., Ph.D. discovered, based on the theory underlying the CO2 mask he had developed. According to the book, we can “strengthen” our mitochondria. It is never too late to start. Learn truly anti-aging tips from this book and practice them. Then you can stay beautiful and live a healthy, fulfilling life up until 120!

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