For Business with Our Company Products

We are currently seeking companies that would be interested in dealing with the beauty and health products developed by Medion Research Laboratories.

Our products are currently being offered mainly at cosmetic stores, aesthetic salons, as well as at beauty salons, treatment facilities, clinics, spa & bathing facilities, fitness & hot yoga centers, trading companies specializing in beauty-related products, and more. Ever since the establishment of our company, our beauty products continue to be popular among our many customers.

If you are a company or store outside of Japan and would like to use our products, please contact us using the inquiry form below.


Please be aware that companies that offer Medion products at discount prices through the Internet and other sites have absolutely nothing to do with our company. The efficacy and safety of the products sold by these sites have not been confirmed in Japan. Also, unlike legitimately sold products in Japan, these sites may be offering old and degraded products. Use of such products may cause skin problems, for which our company cannot be held responsible. As such, we recommend that our products be purchased from officially sanctioned stores.

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