Medical HIBIN

The conventional wisdom was that hormonally active androgens produced by dermal papilla cells induced hair loss. However, this theory did not explain the paradox of why men could lose hair from the scalp and grow facial hair at the same time.

But according to Professor Hiki's theory:
・ Opposing signals for hair growth and loss come from different sources
・ Dermal papilla cells produce hormones signaling hair growth
・ Sebaceous cells produces hormones signaling hair loss
This explanation neatly resolves the hair paradox.

The mechanism of medicinal hibin, based on the Hiki theory

Medicinal hibin is a hair growth agent that blocks the hair loss factor TGF-β. We concentrated a large part of our research on how to inhibit TGF-β alone.

Medicinal Hibin

Content: 100ml

Based on the "new hair growth theory" developed by Dr. Hiki, Director of Medion Skin Clinic, Medicinal Hibin is Japan's first hair growth agent designed to block hair loss factors.

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