Head Spa System

Medion Research Laboratories Inc. has succeeded in developing a completely new head spa system, which we are promoting in our business activities in the head spa industry and related fields.


Medion has succeeded in developing an unprecedented portable head spa system. Requiring no additional plumbing, this new system saves you renovation expenses. Designed for use in small spaces, this system can fit into unused space in your salon. In addition to its easily installable design, the new product stands out with its two-day training program, by which users can quickly learn how to perform treatment procedures. Users who have attended this training program can start providing head spa treatment as soon as three days after the system’s installation. Offering a unique set of treatment options including facials performed in conjunction with a head spa, the system has been very well received by a broad range of customers not only in the beauty industry but also in the nursing care and hotel-related industries.

With our newly developed non-foaming, highly effective SPA Cleansing Oil and SPA Treatment, Medion’s unique, easily installable head spa system enables you to provide full-scale, authentic head massages using only two liters of water each.

MEDION SPA ITEM for head spa

SPA Cleansing Oil
Content: 300ml
SPA Cleansing Oil is a scalp care agent specifically designed for your Head Spa System. Containing natural, plant-derived, high-quality oil, this non-foaming formula for professional use enables you to provide full-scale, authentic head massage using only about two liters of water including that for SPA Treatment. The cleansing oil removes sebum, keratin, pore-clogging greasy dirt etc. that is hard to wash off with regular shampoo, thereby lessening scalp inflammation and other problems. 

SPA Treatment
Content: 300ml
SPA Treatment is a treatment agent specifically designed for your Head Spa System. With this product you can provide full-scale, authentic head massage using only about two liters of water including that for SPA Cleansing. Focused on retaining moisture in scalp and hair, the Treatment eliminates the factors that make hair dry and brittle. Another positive is that its low-stimulus properties also keep your hands from getting rough and dry.


Mediplorer, a CO2 gel mask developed by Medion, when applied to the face can be left as is for a while, requiring no additional procedures. This is why facial treatments using this formula can be performed simultaneously with a head spa. Use of the EC series containing the vitamin C derivative APPS will further enhance the effects of such facial treatments.

◆Characteristics of the new head spa system

1.Unlike conventional methods, our new system does not require additional plumbing.
2.It provides superior relaxation with a newly designed spa bed.
3.Our unique oil cleaning method delivers the ultimate scalp washing experience.
4.A wide range of optional treatments such as facials can be performed in conjunction with a head
5.This compact system can fit it small spaces and clients can start out with a single unit.
6.We provide a two day training course that teaches technical operations in a simple style.
7.Our retailers have a large variety of accessory items in stock.

MRL's head spa businesses and other related activities

Head spa salons: Special salons featuring a new type of oil massage
Quick spa salons (proposed business model): Salons at train stations that can provide 30 minute head spas
"Esthetic Force" (proposed business model): Head spa services within hair salons
"Hair Force" (proposed business model): Head spa services within esthetic salons
Hair loss clinics (proposed business model): Professional hair loss treatment in quick spas
Esthetic and spa services within nursing homes / Scalp cleansing services for women's clinics
Head spa services for hotel guests / Head spa services for relaxation spaces

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