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Skin Care


A skincare brand for professionals that is popular at aesthetic salons and clinics for more than 15 years. This is a luxurious line that focuses on aging care, featuring the CO2 gel mask (carbonated face mask).

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A skincare brand for end-users sold at cosmetic and department stores. Doctor-developed cosmetics based on right dermatology and definite science.

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Hair Care

About La sionne
La sionne

A series of quasi-pharmaceutical hair care products that provide total care for the scalp, hair, and hair-growth to give you added confidence in your hair with every use of the products. This is a brand created from a medical perspective to promote the health of hair and scalp of the mature adult.

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Medicinal Hibin

The first hair-growth agent in Japan designed to block hair loss factors that has been developed based on the “new hair growth theory” of Dr. Hiki. This is a long-selling product that continues to be used at beauty salons and hair-growth salons.

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Shower Head

Sody Showerhead

Introducing a novel beauty itemthat will satisfy your desires. Microbubbles will soften your hair and skin,and a carbonated shower will help you achieve clear skin with enhanced circulation. Fantastic hair and body treatmentbrought to you by Sody.

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Head Spa

SPA Scalp Cleaning System & Items

A movable scalp cleaning system that requires no plumbing to easily allow the administration of professional head spa treatment, as well as hair care items that are necessary for providing such treatment. These products not only offer a high level of relaxation, but also answer the needs to enhance the health of the hair and scalp.

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Mitochon Supplement

Semi-order-type supplements developed with a focus on strengthening the cell organelles called mitochondria, which serves an important role in the production of energy. We offer the best supplement that is the best match for the natural constitution and physical conditions of the person.

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