About Mediplorer CO2 gel mask

Patented in the Japan , U.S.A. , Australia , South Korea , Canada and the EU, the masks are now being widely used in healthcare establishments, as well as major esthetic and head spa salons around the world. This facial care product has been proven highly effective and thoroughly safe.

The three characteristics of MRL's CO2 gel masks

We designed CO2 gel masks with three skin-enlivening characteristics*1 in mind: vascular dilation, a system for trans-dermal delivery (DDS), and improved oxygen transport (the Bohr effect).

*1 Three characteristics of CO2 gel mask
Vascular dilation:Gaseous CO2 dilates the blood vessels.
DDS:A system that delivers the active ingredient through the skin.
Improved oxygen transport:Oxygen transport to the peripheral tissues is also known as the Bohr effect.

The combination of these three characteristics enhances the healing effect on the skin.

DDS helps deliver CO2 through the skin to the capillary beds, where it dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation. CO2 gas attaches to hemoglobin and promotes the transport of oxygen into the skin cells, consequently boosting cell metabolism.

How to use the CO2 gel mask


Mediplorer is a professional-use CO2 mask used for treatment in medical institutions such as clinics and hospitals.

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